Outfit for Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th February 2013

We have had a heat wave with nearly a week of over 38°C and boy has it been hot.

Black & white dress centre buttons with black trousers

I wore this Vivid dress and Noni B long shorts on Wednesday it is a black soft T shirt fabric for the bodice with different black & white buttons down the front of the dress and patterned black  white fabric on the bottom of the dress.

The dress is longer in the front than the back and I am glad that I wore trousers instead of leggings as the length of the back of the dress barely covered my bottom.

I wore my black slip on sandals due to the heat, I had my black courts to wear but thought these would be more comfortable.Black slip ons







Black dress with beading on the bodice, black shrug & black long shorts

I am wearing this Philosophy black beaded dress today with black Long shorts by Vivid.

It is going to be cooler today about 30° but the building where we work is still pretty hot from the last few days so I wore my black slip ons again today as I didn’t have any clients coming in for appointments.


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