Outfits for Sunday 10th Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th February 2013

After we finished at Damien’s birthday party we decided that we would take the boat out and sit in the estuary, watch the idiots go by, have some nice cold fruit and stay the night, then on Sunday morning go out the heads and sit in Doddi’s bay. It was going to be a stinking hot day on Sunday so when we got up we both decided that it would be cooler at home inside and  rather than run the aircon on the boat, we would run the aircon at home. So we pulled the anchor and headed home, Grumpy had jobs to do that were easier done at home rather than on anchor.

I wore the Qior top and Noni B shorts on Sunday – no jewellery or makeup (unusual for me) and went home to finish taking photos of my wardrobe, but the bloody phone said not enough battery to use the flash, so I gave that up as a bad idea and sat down with my Asus pad (I left my bloody iPad at work on Friday and do you think I wasn’t pissed off). I found the section that I was in my book and used the Asus to read for the rest of the afternoon.



I wore my black & white boat shoes, as they are the most comfortable shoes I have.









I wore this Philosophy black with blue short dress on Monday, it was stinking hot again and this dress is a light stretch mesh so was nice and cool


I wore this Gabriella Fratini dress today. This dress was an absolute bargain, a few months ago I signed up to receive sms from 25% Gabriella Fratini online http://www.gabriellafrattini.com.au/online-boutique/ and then signed up for their newsletter. After several sms I thought I would go and check out their site. I was very pleasantly surprised as they had some serious specials on their online site.

I ordered 4 dresses and because I get the sms I got a further 25% of the purchase so I bought 4 dresses for $112 delivered, unfortunately 1 dress was unavailable – not surprising as I placed my order at 8.15pm so I got a credit for the dress that was not available and they arrived yesterday. This is one of the dresses. They came complete with price tag, original wrapping and in tissue paper. I was so impressed that I sent an email advising one of my friends who buys the same brand and she sent me an email today saying that she bought 2 dresses last night for $68 including delivery and she was very happy that I told her about the site.

I will certainly look again


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