Outfits for Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th January 2013

Pink & green - Four - top and Noni B trousers

Pink & green – Four – top and Noni B trousers

I had another day off today, sorting and cooking, Granma came around to collect all of the stuff that I am getting rid of due to moving house. All my craft magazines, paints and crafty stuff.

I wore this blouse by Four, a brand that is inexpensive and available at several different stores in Mandurah.

Cafe Late - Animal print

Cafe Late – Animal print

I always take my shoes off in the car, I find that the heels make it uncomfortable for the hour drive, Grumpy booked his car into have a service on Tuesday and as I had a day off didn’t need my shoes until this morning, I looked everywhere, checked out the front of his car, and then it clicked I must have left my shoes in the loan car and that’s where they were still

As soon as I got into work this morning, I rang the service department and asked if they had found a pair of shoes in one of the loan cars. The fellow said “Ah so your’e the owner of the mystery shoes, he said that a woman used the loan car yesterday and that there was a lovely pair of ladies shoes in the front of the car under the front seat.

Whew!! they were a lovely pair of shoes only worn a few times. Needless to say we are going to call in and collect them on our way home tonight.

This dress is a Cafe Latte, not sure where I got it but have had it for years. It is quite fitted in the bust and has a variety of fabrics joined together.

I didn’t wear my brown shoes as they are still at the car yard, I wore my favourite taupe shoes

Taupe boots with taupe bag

Taupe boots with taupe bag





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