We have received conditional planning approval for our new home and we are NOT IMPRESSED

We have received conditional planning approval for our new home, however we are not impressed. The planning officer that our draftee was dealing with at the City of Cockburn advised her that she would be in touch once she had a preliminary look at the design, as it was getting closer to the Christmas break, we didn’t hear anything from her, we assumed that she would contact us after the break.

Well she didn’t bother, she had told us that we may have to have additional windows to address one of the R codes, and we advised her that we already met those guidelines and that we would not like adding a further window due to security issues.

We got back from the Christmas break and we find that we have planning approval, with the condition that we have to add another window, lower to the ground, that will be covered by a 1.8m masonry fence, so the fence takes away the fact that the window has to be there for observation of the street. SOME PEOPLE ARE SO POWER HUNGRY IT”S NOT FUNNY.

We questioned the fact that she was going to be in touch to discuss any conditions that would be imposed, however she went on holidays and did not come back until after the 14th January, it’s so obvious that she sent the planning approval out with the condition of the additional window prior to her break so that she wouldn’t have to deal with it when she returned.

We have questioned the condition as it is subjective and the design is at HER discretion. She sent quite an abrupt email stating that if we wanted to have it changed now that we have planning approval, we have to take it to SAT. State Administrative Tribunal (time and money, that she doesn’t care about).

Yes the easier thing would be to put an additional window in, however it would defeat the purpose, as the window is only 6c high and will be covered by a high fence. We are thinking of fighting this as the shires seem to have so much power over designs of peoples houses, I am not talking about design guidelines or R codes, I am talking about the discretion of the individual employee, as that is all she is,. a power hungry shire employee.




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