I’d’ve using fridge leftovers for Monday 21st January 2013


Leftovers. It’s nice to be able to clean out the fridge  and use leftovers
Grumpy bought some pork fillets and I decided to.make.wedges, tomato and onion with.honey.carrots.
I had made some pistachio dukkah for Grumpy’s birthday, so I used that along
with lemon pepper and BBQ seasoning along with olive oil as the coating for the wedges. We had potatoes in the fridge, so we used some of them.
I had 6 cherry tomatoes, half a red onion and 1 slice of ham, so I used a small amount of the dukkah and some olive oil and roasted them and he wedges in a very hot oven.
I julliened Some carrots, sprinkled some honey and sesame seeds.
All in all, it was a.ver nice meal and the only expense today over leftover fridge items was the meat at $9.35.
I even had enough for lunch tomorrow.


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