Outfit for Wednesday 9th January 2013

Today was not as hot as it was yesterday, however that didn’t stop the hot flushes, so I was a bit worried about my choice of outfit today as there are 2 layers of top.

I chose a philosophy  top with suzannegrae silver lace overlay over pull up 3/4 pants from Target.

I bought the silver jacket from suzannegrae about 7 or 8 years ago for a Christmas BBQ and I don’t think I have worn it since, the trousers, are very much like the shorts that I buy from Noni B, in that they have a waistband that is made from the same material as the trouser itself, the only difference is that the waistband has to be rolled down as it is over 20cm high.

Philosophy top with Silver overlay

Philosophy top with Silver overlay

The top has a matching jacket to go over the top, however I find that both items together are a bit over the top. The jacket is the same fabric as the bottom of the top and has a lovely wide and round collar, I wear it with just a singlet or tank top underneath.

White slip ons

I wore my slip on white shoes, I checked the brand out today realised that the brand is MG, and they are so comfortable to wear. I bought them from a little boutique in the Smart Street Mall in Mandurah on the foreshore. She specialises in bridal and mother of the bride gowns, shoes and bags. I remember that I bought these on sale, and if they had them in different colours I would have got them as they are so comfortable.

In Darling Harbour, Sydney there are 2 shops that sell MG brand shoes, but I am not sure they are from the same manufacturer as I have tried shoes on in these shops and not found any comfortable enough to buy.

I have on a long silver ball necklace with matching earrings.  Unfortunately I haven’s started taking photos of the jewellery, and I am not having a day off work this week as I am interviewing but will endeavour to put an effort into doing this so that I can show a complete outfit as sometimes the earrings and necklace or scarf just off the outfit.




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