Outfit for Tuesday 8th January 2013

We woke up to another hot morning today, it was 28°C as we were driving down Pinjarra Road.

The dress I chose today is a Katies dress, I haven’t bought anything from Katies for about 5 years, I have found that the buyers for Katies have changed more for the cheaper looking clothing, a lot of cotton and linen loo alike stuff. I absolutely refuse to buy either fabric as they both have to be ironed. In my opinion life is too short to be standing around ironing when there are so many fabrics around now that don’t need to be slaved over.

All of my washing goes inside out into our front loader washing machine and once washed they are ALL chucked into the dryer. I have not had an outside clothesline for over 26 years. I do have a small line that Grumpy installed on my laundry wall about 5 years ago that we got from Howard’s storage, cant’ remember the name of it but it is fantastic, and if I have to hang something out to dry in case it gets ruined in the dryer, I hang the item on this, Until my clothing is ready to go into the cupboard, it is always inside out. 

I have washed my clothes inside out and have used the dryer for over 30 years for all of my clothes as they don’t pill or get other fluff on them and they stay in pristine condition. Some of my dresses I have had for 15 years and they still look like new.

Outfit for Tuesday 8th January 2013

Outfit for Tuesday 8th January 2013

Have you ever tried to buy white shoes, it is nearly impossible unless you can get bridal shoes. I bought a couple of pairs when we were in Thailand last year so at least I have those.

I brought the courts to work with full intentions of wearing them, put them on and found that they were a bit sweaty, our temperature today was going to be 41°C, so I put the slip ons that I brought instead.

If I intend on wearing shoes that I have not worn in a while, which is most of them, I ALWAYS have a backup on hand.

White courts - Thailand

White courts – Thailand

White slip ons

White slip ons



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