Outfit for first day back at work Monday 7th January 2013

Last night was a very warm night, and the dreaded menopause doesn’t help with the hot and cold flushes, one doesn’t sleep very well and when I woke up I thought I would have to rethink my wardrobe. I always prepare 7 outfits for the 5 day work week so that if I have a moment of any sort, I can at least have a backup.

Late yesterday afternoon, I went up stairs in the heat, turned the aircon on and sorted out my wardrobe for the week. Stupidly,  I didn’t check what the weather was going to be like this week, so I just chose warm weather clothing.

Well it has been raining on and off all day but it has been very hot, 27°C at 5.30 am so it was going to be rather an uncomfortable day.

I chose a Gitane (sorry no website to check, they must be a wholesale brand) they van be found on the following website http://www.birdsnest.com.au/brands/gitane and my favourite taupe boots/shoes.

Outfit for Monday  7th January 2013

Outfit for Monday 7th January 2013

I have had this little outfit for years and every time I wear it I am asked where I got it from, it is a 2 piece set, the top that is like a tank top and the little shrug to cover the arms.

I was just looking at the top from above and oh joy, I have spilled my coffee on it, lucky though it is not too dark, it just blends in.

Taupe boots with taupe bag

Taupe boots with taupe bag

I also realised after going back and looking at some of my posts that the shoes that I have worn are not very visible in the photos and as some of them are just beautiful and unique I thought I would enhance them a little, so I spend a few (lots really) hours taking photos of my shoes and the bags that I coordinate with them.

Unfortunately the shoes are too well worn to get a brand, which in hindsight I should have done so that I could research to find some similar.


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