Today’s outfit Thursday 13th December 2012

Outfit for Thursday th December 2012

Outfit for Thursday 13th December 2012

Outfit for Thursday 13th December 2012, had another day off today.

Didn’t go anywhere other than to walk the little girl this morning, in the wind.

When I go over to the park, I wished that I had long sleeves as it was windy, with black skies and cold.

I am not sure what the fascination with paisley fabric is at the moment, I didn’t realise until I put this little dress on that it has 2 sections of paisley fabric on it.

I have had this dress for years, and it looks as though the paisley look has come back in with a passion.

My neighbour popped over with some lemons today and commented on my shoes, she has the same ones and we both discussed how very comfortable they are for everything walking, standing etc. They are extremely lightweight and the white section is all a rubber type feel so lots of support.

They are boating shoes called Kroten and they have been available  at the boat shows for the last few years. They make a variety of lovely colours, which seems to be the norm now for all types of shoes.


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