If the shire officer doesn’t like it YOU DON’T HAVE IT.

I believe that a design of your home is a personal thing, and if you comply with all of the R Codes and design codes for that shire, it should be allowed, however the shires have the right to decide on the design of the house you are going to live in. This is one of the reasons that clients get so angry with Builders. The shire planning departments have more power than they should be allowed to have. We come across this all the time.

The shire officer tells us that the design is subjective, if she doesn’t like it, we don’t have it. HOW IS THAT RIGHT.

Following is the response to our query that our design DOES meet all the design R codes . Our design does meet the following requirements


The city has the power under the town planning scheme to consider any matter it considers relevant so it is not confined to just the requirements of the R-Codes. Further, our local planning policy APD 58 requires that:

6.2 A proposed dwelling on the corner lot to be designed to address both primary and secondary streets;

I will provide further advice after I’ve done an assessment which will be next week sometime.



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