Response from planning department query

We have received the following response from the shire, and it has now raised further questions that are yet to be answered.

Hi, yes you’re right, the upper floor windows do provide adequate surveillance to the street, its just the highlight to the entry hall and how this presents to the major Road – could they consider windows like those to the dining/living instead?

Our response to this query is as follows:

Good morning

I have spoken with the owners about the issue you have raised.

The major road presents a few issues for the owners. They want to keep road noise to a minimum and also have greater security. Due to the foot traffic past their home they, like the neighbours opposite, intend to build a rendered brick fence along the major road elevation. This will increase security and privacy for the home and make any additional windows to this wall irrelevant.

Although the major openings from a habitable room overlooking the major road are on the second floor (Main Bed & Bed 2) I can’t see how this is non compliant with the R-codes and warrants a design change. The clients have insisted upon the window positioning as it currently stands as privacy and safety from such a busy road is important to them.

Please take the above information into account when you begin the major assessment of the application.

We have yet to receive a response.




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