Planning department queries on our design

We have received correspondence from the shire regarding our planning application

No I don’t need anything else. The application is just pending my full assessment which I haven’t got to yet.

I can say at this stage however, that the issue we have with this building is its lack of presentation to both Roads.

The R-Codes require surveillance of the street and the approach to the dwelling from a habitable room window.

The Home Theatre doesn’t really fulfil this function and the highlight to the entry passage doesn’t provide any outlook to the major Road.

Can you please consider this matter and confer with your client and provide me with feedback about it when you are ready.

We have responded to their query with the following response:

Thank you for your feedback.

The R-codes state in 6.2.4 Surveillance of the street – A4.1 At least one habitable room dwelling has a clear view of the street and the approach to the dwelling.

The Home Theatre, Master Bedroom and Bed 2 all have major openings that provide surveillance the street. The major Road is overlooked by major openings to the Master Bed and Bed 2.

The client specifically asked for an additional window to be placed in the Master Bedroom that overlooks the major road purely for surveillance.

I am unsure how the current provision of windows doesn’t comply with the R-codes, in particular your comment regarding the Home Theatre windows not fulfilling this function.

If you could provide more information I will talk this over with the clients.

Thank you for your correspondence.

We await their reply.






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