Our Christmas lights are up

Christmas lights 2012

Christmas lights 2012

The photo above, even though it is hard to see, is the end of our canal on the left is 1 house.


This photo shows the houses along our canal

Our Neighbours lights 2

These are our neighbours across the canal, there are additional lights at the top of the house that are red and green, I took 10 photos and not once did I get those ones in the shot, so the only colours that you can see are the lights that are on the alternate timing.

Our Christmas lights 2012


This is a photo of our lights Grumpy didn’t want to put up a traditional tree this year. As we were outside taking the photos 2 of the tour boats came up the canal and it is quite a joy to hear the little children ooing and ahing at the lights.

I did hear one little kid yell out look at the doggy, Braandi was quite excited about all the noise, she didn’t bark though so we were quite proud of her.



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