Today’s funny Tuesday 4th December 2012

Bigger boobs

A man comes home from work, to find his wife working out with a pair of dumbbells, and an assorted array of training equipment strategically placed around the living room. “What’s all this?” He asks.

“Well love, I read an article in my magazine, which said it would help me achieve a better body.”

“And how much did it cost?”

She replies. “£1.000.”

“£1.000 !” he yells, “I work my balls off to earn that sort of money.

What do you want with all this equipment at that price for anyway?”

“Well.” She replies. “It says in the article, that if I use the dumbbells and weight training equipment enough, it’ll make my boobs bigger.”

“BOOBS BIGGER! You don’t need any weight training equipment to make your boobs bigger.

You just need a couple of pieces of toilet paper.”

“How will that work?” asks his wife.

“You get the toilet paper and rub it between your boobs, and they’ll get bigger.”

“Will that work?” enquires his wife.

“Of course it’ll work. Look what it’s done for your arse!”



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