You didn’t cook this in the Thermomix

Burnt lamb chops

Burnt lamb chops

We both have to take the blame for this, BURNT beyond eating.

Grumpy didn’t want the chops in the first place.

I had decided to have roast vegies and lamb chops grilled on the BBQ, but that wasn’t what we ended up having.

Grumpy peeled and cut up the vegies and I put them in a plastic bag and cooked on High in the microwave for 7 minutes.

In the meantime, I had put a roasting pan in the oven with olive oil in the bottom and heated the pan to 250°.

Once the vegies were finished in the microwave, I put them in the pan and sprinkled seasoning over them and put them in the oven to crunch up.

Grumpy put the chops on the BBQ and came in and sat down, he was fiddling with his phone and I was reading through the specials brochures that were put in our letterbox.

I took the vegies out and turned them over, sat back down and started reading again, I don’t know what made me look, but I looked outside towards the BBQ and said to Grumpy, It’s smoking, as usual he made a snide remake, and went out side and then all hell broke loose along with lots of nasty swearing.

The chops were completely inedible, we did try 1 each but gave up halfway through.

We had lovely roast vegies to eat and there was plenty there as I was going to have some for lunch tomorrow.

We ate all the vegies and the chops went in the bin, Grumpy said I don’t want to give the little girl cancer.

She got a lovely bowl of chicken instead and no lunch for me for tomorrow.

Am I allowed to eat it yet

Am I allowed to eat it yet

Chicken for tea for Braandi

Chicken for tea for Braandi



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