My little herb garden – transplanted

Coriander and Parsley

Coriander and Parsley



My little herb garden has been transplanted

The Basil is growing quite well, however some little bug is eating all of the leaves. I googled what eats basil, and the best option that I could work on yesterday is was wood ash, I opened the pizza oven and took the ashes out of the tray and spread them around the base of the plants, and then the wind blew a lot of it away, I quickly put more ashes down and watered it in straight away. We will see in a few days if this makes a difference.

The Coriander and parsley unfortunately is not doing as well, not sure why, I have put a little seasol on all of them so hopefully they will pick up shortly.

Grumpy’s chillies however are doing better than anything.

Grumpy's Chillies

Grumpy’s Chillies







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