Outfit for Tuesday 27th November 2012

Tuesday 27th November 2012


This is the Outfit I wore  for Tuesday 27th November 2012.

I have to try to be more diligent with sorting out my outfits for the week. I used to do them every Sunday afternoon/evening, but time has goat away with me over the last couple of months and I have not managed to get my week ahead sorted.

If I haven’t sorted my whole week, I do get tomorrow’s outfit ready the night before as getting up at 4am is just not the right time to be selecting clothes.

I don’t normally favour green clothing and as such don’t wear this dress often, I had a shoe ping, though as these lovely shoes are my favourite and I wore them yesterday and I will wear them to work each day.

They are surprisingly comfortable, even though they don’t look it.

This dress has the taupe colour of the shoes in it so they go quite well.

The patterned fabric is a light mesh over a stretch bright green underlay, NO SLEEVES, so over course I had to wear a jacket or light over top.

I have a few of these little mesh jackets in different colour as they are quite inexpensive, but I do try and buy the colours that will go with more than 1 outfit. The above overlay goes very well with another dress/tunic that is purple/blue and the same light green. I also have a pair of flat shoes that I bought in Thailand for about $5 that match wonderfully, but I don’t wear them to work, and given this dress is quite long, I thought the taupe shoes a better fit.



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