Dresses I bought with my gift voucher

Dress bought with my gift voucher


Dresses I bought with my gift voucher from La Dee Da are shown. I love the colour blue and I have a lot of stuff that is the same colour blue but until this year didn’t have shoes to go with it. I would wear white or black.

Novo shoes had a special on shoes if you buy 1 pair, the 2nd pair was 1/2 price, I of course had to take up the offer and I got these blue heels and a flat pair the same colour.

The thing that I love about this dress is it has sleeves, a lot of dresses and tops these days are tunic type style and us older birds who need to have coverage have to wear a cover of some sort. The fabric of the sleeves and white bodice is a mesh fabric, and the dress is a silk type fabric. It has little buttons on the bodice as well.

This is the second dress I bought. When I was getting it ready to put on the dress making dummy, I was quite excited because when I bought it (with my gift voucher) I thought it was sleeveless and I was thinking about what to match it. It is a Quior dress, I mentioned to the lady in the shop that I love this brand but mostly buy it when we go to Sydney, so only once a year, and she said it is a new brand to her shop and has sold very well, so she will continue to bring it in.

It is a very moderately priced brand with lots of embellishments and lovely fabrics.



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