Outfit for boating Maritimo Muster (well sort of)

- Tursiops truncatus A dolphin surfs the wake ...

– Tursiops truncatus A dolphin surfs the wake of a research boat on the – near the . Français : Un Grand dauphin (Tursiops truncatus) surfe dans le sillage d’un bateau de recherche sur la Banana river, près du Centre spatial Kennedy. Magyar: Palackorrú delfin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Outfit for boating




This outfit is a mishmash of brands.


It was going to be cool on Saturday and as we were going to be on the water, I thought I would put on a longer sleeve.


We went by boat to our fishing club all of 5 minutes away, but before we tied up, we had to go out and empty the black water tank (the loo).


As we headed out of the canal system into the estuary, we picked up a dolphin, he began gliding in the wake under the bow (the nose) of the boat, we headed towards the heads and we picked up another dolphin, as we left the heads, another one came over and joined the others.


We had been travelling for about 5 minutes when another dolphin came charging over to join the rest. We now had 4 dolphins travelling with us under the bow of the boat, the little girl was getting so excited as they were jumping up just below us.


If you have never been this close to dolphins it is one of the most exciting experiences of life. We are extremely lucky to be able to experience this joy.


They stayed with us for about half an hour, we only travelled about 8 – 10 knots the whole time but it was magnificent.


Grumpy took a movie of them, but just as he was heading back to the flybridge, the dolphins all turned on their backs and stayed that way for a long while.


They all stayed with us until we entered into the canal just of the fishing club.


We had 5 boats including ours for our mini Maritimo muster, we got to the club and tied up about 10.00am and the other boats started to arrive about 11.00am and we helped tie them up, and then we all went to our own boats and had lunch, early afternoon we went to each of the boats for a drink, and Grumpy kept coming back every hour or so “I’m going to have a nanna nap”, collected a couple more beers and off he would go again to another boat, they nick named him the boat whore.


We went up to the club for tea at 6.30 and had a lovely meal. The club was so bus on Saturday night, they had the Dolphin ladies Christmas wind up and a party in one of the other dining rooms, but we weren’t sure what it was for because the balloons they had were 21st, 25th and 50th.




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