Boo Radley outfit for work 26th November

Boo Radley outfit for work 26th November

I wore this Boo Radley outfit for work 26th November.

The fabric on the overlay of this outfit is a non stretchy sheer fabric, the pattern in  black is stitched over the top and the white pattern is screen printed. As I consider my upper arms to be rather large, I ALWAYS wear a cover and this little top is made of a sheer fabric as well.

I just absolutely love these taupe shoes. I bought them a few years ago when we were at the boat show in Sanctuary Cove in Queensland  at a little shoe boutique. They had a massive sale on and these shoes came in black and taupe, I now wish I had bought the black ones as well.

They are a taupe suede with rosettes on the top. Every time I wear them women comment on how lovely they are and where did I get them.

The little boutique that I bought them from had closed down the next year, they are lucky because I was going to go in there and complain, when I tried the shoes on, I tried on a size 38, they took the shoes out the back to put them in a box, at the time I didn’t think anything about it, but when we got home to Mandurah, I pulled my shoes out as you do and checked out my shopping, I noticed that the shoes were different sizes. One shoe was size 38 and the other was a 39. Luckily the larger shoe is the left foot which just so happens to be my larger foot.



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