Maritimo Muster cancelled

Mandurah, Western Australia - Peel Inlet and o...

Mandurah, Western Australia – Peel Inlet and old Traffic Bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perth Muster 2011

I find some people so frustrating, we were going to our Maritimo Muster (Owners of Maritimo boats get together) this weekend in Mandurah. For us it was only 5 minutes away.

There were boats coming from Mindarie, Fremantle  and Hillarys. On Tuesday, Grumpy came in and said that there were only going to be 4 boats now, so it will no longer be a Muster.

Why do people do this, do they have no regard for anyone else but themselves, the organisers of the event, other boaties making the effort to travel, and the restaurant (MOFSC) our club where the booking was.

Even though the others piked out, there are still going to be 4 or 5 boats plus us and I am sure we will have a fantastic time.

The photo is of last years muster, there were 19 boats.

We went to Becher, near Port Kennedy and it was a day affair not an overnight trip.

The difference last year was that Yachts West very generously put on the food, it was a gourmet BBQ. The dramas Trevor had to go through to have the occasion approved, the EPA, shire even the transport board were involved.

The caterers had to have approval, they had to have portable toilets put on site, they had to organise rubbish bins to be delivered, and the MOST RIDICULOUS thing was that all of the people had to be off the beach and boats not anchored after 4pm. How daft is that. This instruction was put out by the transport board. This country has gone so far overboard that it is ridiculous, we can anchor at this beach and have BBQ’s there anytime, but because Trevor tried to do the right thing by advising different bodies that we would be anchoring and having a BBQ beach it was nearly cancelled at the last minute as approval was not going to be granted.

Luckily approval was granted and the day worked out wonderful, it was a little windy, but the food was absolutely fabulous, the company great and Braandi had an absolute ball, everyone loved her and gave her secret food under the tables.


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