Nothing planned for the weekend

Braandi & Grumpy at the little beach at our club

We had Nothing planned for the weekend so we discussed what we should do, we decided to tonk over to the club MOFSC (Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club) for Tea on Friday and stay the night.

We had our meal at the club and went back to our boat with our friends and their dogs and and had drinks, and chatted to all of the members that were walking to and from their boats.

We got up the next morning and took the little girl, Braandi over to the beach for a swim, she just loves the water. The little beach across the road from our club is perfect for kids and and dogs going for a little swim.

Braandi swimming in the little cove

She had a lovely swim, we stayed for over half an hour because she kept going back in the water.

we then walked over to the foreshore and Grumpy checked out the newsagent for any boating magazines and I went into one of my favourite dress shops, I had Braandi on a stretchy lead and mistakenly thought there were poles out the front of the shop that I could tie her up so I could go in but there wasn’t, a lovely older lady that was leaving the shop as I was going in asked if she could hold Braandi’s lead while I looked in the shop, so all worked out in the end.

We walked back to the boat and watched all of the junior sailing happening in the little beach inside the club and later in the afternoon met some new members who have just bought a boat and went over to theirs and had a couple of drinks and then we invited them back to our boat for a BBQ tea.







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