Blessing of the fleet – Rememberance day

Whoever organised the blessing of the fleet this year obviously doesn’t have a calendar, or didn’t look at it. It was organised on the same day as Rememberance day and everyone on the foreshore had to be gone before 11.00am for the parade.

Last Sunday we had our guests arrive at 8.45 ready to leave at 9.00am.  All of our guests arrived except 1, we were going to pick him up later in the morning when he arrived as he wasn’t able to be in Mandurah until later in the day due to prior commitments.

Our neighbour across the water, was decorating his boat with flags from early in the morning and they were flapping in the breeze. To be honest we couldn’t be bothered in putting any bunting or flags on the boat as they would only have to be taken down that afternoon after our visitors left.

Before we left, Grumpy lowered our flag to half mast as a sign of respect. We left at 9.00am and headed out into the estuary and out of the heads and just potted around waiting for the other boats to arrive. We did this for about 20 minutes, with no sight of a single dolphin which was quite disappointing for our visitors, but unfortunately we are not able to control nature.

While we were sitting just outside the heads a few more boats came out but then the wind started to increase so we decided that we would go back into the estuary and drop anchor.

We moved into the estuary and dropped anchor right in front of the war memorial where we always stay. We were lucky, being Rememberance day, the chairs were all set out ready for the VIP guests, the choir and the band.

We stood while the national anthem was sung along with the people on all of the other boats around us, unfortunately we didn’t hear the last post due to the wind blowing the other way.

Our last guest phoned and let us know that he had arrived, so we pulled up the anchor tonked over to the jetty and he climbed on the boat over the bow sprit and we then went back and dropped our anchor.

Unfortunately the number boats that attended the blessing



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