Lillia dress for Thursday 15th

Lillia dress for Thursday 15th

I have had this dress in my wardrobe for at least 3 years and I have never worn it, YES THE LABEL WAS REMOVED.

Grumpy says that I have more clothes with labels on than with no labels.  I don’t like labels on my clothes because it looks like I haven’t worn it before, and we can’t have that now can we.

The red in this dress is very vibrant and the fabric is a very light stretch mesh, I wore my Noni B shorts with this dress today, and the bottom of the shorts was just lower than the dress length so the outfit looked professional.

I love my Noni B shorts and buy a couple of new pairs every year. I have that cursed sway back and struggle to be able to buy pants of any kind with a waist band and zip, I have a relatively small waist but a big backside and big tummy.

Elastic wasted pants are the way for me to go, the wast band is made out of the same fabric as the body of the shorts and as they are stretchy, the waist band is stretchy as well. Quite often the waist band is larger than I would like, but at least I don’t have the issue of having to wear a belt and bunch all the fabric up and be uncomfortable.

Not that I care about that, if I feel comfortable and dressed well, I believe that I could wear this outfit on most occasions.

Underneath the dress is a slip dress that is made of a Tshirt fabric with a pleated hem about 15cm long.

The crossover bodice is very slimming and for once my boobs don’t look enormous.

With the blisters on my feet from earlier in the week, I had to be careful about what shoes I wore, out came my old faithfuls



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