Gabriella Fratini for Monday 12th

Gabriella Fratini for Monday 12th


I thought that the warm weather was here at last so I should try and wear some summer colours.

This is a Gabriella Fratini dress with lots of bright pink stitching and the colour of the fabric in the lower part of the dress has lots of the same colour pink.

The back of the dress is the same fabric that is on the bottom of the dress and is light and silky.

The main body of the dress is like a wide corduroy fabric.

As it was a little warm, I wore my shorts underneath instead of the longer pants and my bright pink shoes.

And as I haven’t worn them for a while I got 2 feet with blisters.

Luckily people don’t come into my office very often I was able to take my shoes off while sitting at my desk, but when I had to go down stairs at any time I had to put them back on and I walked very gingerly.

I had problems with my lighting when taking some of the photos for this week, we have a sensor light at the top of the stairs and if I haven’t moved for a reasonable length of time the light would go off, it then went off and wouldn’t come back on.
When Grumpy got home, I told him about it and he said it’s working now, you must have given it a good working. It sounds like the transformer heated up and needed to cool down.

Note to self, next time I take photos, switch the light from sensor to on.



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