Another big cook up today – if Jamie Oliver can do it so can I

I cooked a Home Cooked Gourmet Beef Pie, potato bake and peas and beans for tea, 2 double batches of spaghetti bog, and a lamb casserole to freeze

My electric pressure cooker

(Don’t you just love the old folk art painted bread board that I painted about 20 years ago.)

I cooked the lamb in the pressure cooker, I have an electric Cuisinart and find it fabulous, it browns, simmers and once cooked will keep the food warm until you turn it off.

I have had a few pressure cookers over the years and I find that this is the best one I have ever had, it is so quiet the first time I used it I had to double check to make sure it was cooking because there was NO noise coming from it.

I originally bought it to use on the boat because I don’t want to use the hotplate to cook as smells from cooking goes through all the upholstery and furnishings and there is nothing worse than stale cooking food.

Any of our cooking is done out on the rear deck so that surrounding boats can smell the heavenly food.

A little secret my Nanna taught me was that when there is fat on the surface of the food, put brown paper on the top to suck up the fat, well brown paper is not readily available anymore so I use paper towel to soak up the fat. I fold it a couple of layers thick and flatten it out using tongs and and when soaked, I pull the bin close and chuck it in.

Paper towel to absorb the fat



The filling for the Pie, I cooked in the Thermomix, but we won’t tell Grumpy because he ate it all and didn’t complain, for me that is a bloody miracle.

Beef filling for pie, cooked in Thermomix








I had to try cooking beef in it again as my friend Shelley said she cooked beef in it and it was tender, so I thought I am going to get this right.

I did cheat and use store bought pastry. I watched several you tube videos of Jamie Oliver yesterday and he uses tinned food eg tinned tomatoes and he was quite open about using store bought ingredients if they are on hand to save time, use them.

I love putting pretty additions on my pies, and do you think I was not impressed to find that I have lent my pastry cutter and leaf cutters to someone  as they are not in my drawer where I keep all of my cake and arty farty cooking stuff, so I had to improvise.

Flowers on my pastry



The finished pie, I forgot to take a photo before I started cutting.

Finished pie








Recipe By Johnro From the Forumthermomix.

Gourmet Beef  Made in the  Thermomix
Number of People: – 4 – 6
1 kg chuck or blade steak – cut into 2cm cubes
1tsp brown sugar
1 tabsp flour
1 tabsp TMX stock concentrate
1 tabsp tomato paste
pinch nutmeg
1 lg onion
2 clove garlic
1 tabsp malt vinegar
1 teasp Worcestershire sauce
200g mushrooms
150ml dry red wine
150ml water
1 tabsp cornflour blended with small amount water

Place onion and garlic in TMX chop 3 sec speed 5. Add sugar, flour, stock concentrate, nutmeg, vinegar, tomato paste and Worcestershire sauce to bowl and mix speed 1 or 2 until combined (takes about 30 sec).
Stir through meat and allow to marinate 1 hr – this stage could be skipped if short of time, however the dish is so full of flavour allowing to marinate.
Add meat red wine and water to TMX – cook 50 mins, 100°, speed 1  counterclock.
Add sliced mushrooms 15-20 mins before end cooking.
Add blended cornflour and cook a further 5 -7 mins, 100°, speed 1  counterclock.
Place in thermo server while veg cook.

I cooked potatoes in steamer basket while carrots and broccoli cooked in the varoma.



Tips/Hints: – As shown I served this with mash, steamed carrots and broccoli.  However the recipe adapted from
Best Recipes from the Weekly has a french bread stick cut into 2.5 cm slices spread with a combined mixture of 2 tsp french mustard and 15g butter. After cooking meat mixture in TMX, place slices on top casserole and push down gently to soak up some of the sauce.  Bake uncovered 20 mins moderate oven or until bread is browned.



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