Philosophy outfit for our dinner out at MOFSC

Philosophy outfit for our dinner out at MOFSC

I wore this Philosophy for our dinner out at MOFSC. The fabric is a shiny crinkly fabric and comes in both the taupe and black, the outfits in the colours were not the same however, I mixed and matched.

We arranged to go to our club MOFSC (Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club) on Friday afternoon so we took the boat over to the club early afternoon, met up with those friends and other friends and had drinks before dinner.

We went up to the club and had a lovely dinner, on the table next to us were a couple that we have known for a long while so we had a shout (the music was quite loud) across the tables.

As usual when we go to the club, Braandi makes it her mission to go up to the wee area on the grass and leave her scent, she bugs me until I take her up the jetty to the grassed area to do her wee.

When we finished our dinner I had to go back to the boat, get the little girl and take her up to the grassed area again before bedtime. She was so excited to see me because we left her on the boat by herself. I have to make sure that I have flat shoes for walking up the jetty as the surface is not smooth and at night the lighting is not overly bright so I make sure I have a pair of boating shoes or slippers on board all the time.

I was a bit lazy in the morning, I put my dressing gown on and walked the little girl up the jetty and on to the grass in my pyjamas, I just hope no one recognised me.



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