Left over chicken Recipe

Shredded chicken, sundried tomatoes and onion


We had 2 full cooked chickens left over from our food from the blessing of the fleet and I was not going to chuck it out so I needed to find a recipe to use to cook for tea.

I googled leftover chicken recipes and came up with the taste.com site that had over 43 recipes for leftover chicken.

I printed off 2 so that Grumpy could make the decision on which one we would have so that if it wasn’t nice, it wasn’t going to be my fault.

He chose the following recipe but I tweaked it a little as we were missing a couple of ingredients. VERY surprisingly when I asked what it was like, and he said it was OK. This is big praise from him.









The original recipe is by Jenny Fanshaw from Super Food ideas February 2009

I called the Recipe Leftover Creamy chicken pesto pasta

3 cups penne pasta

100ml cream (the recipe said 300ml, but Grumpy doesn’t like creamy sauces)

1/2 cup basil pesto

1/4 red onion (recipe said green onions but we didn’t have any)

1 1/2 cups shredded leftover chicken

1/2 cup drained sun dried tomatoes diced (I used sundried cherry tomatoes as that is what I had in the cupboard)

1/3 cup parmesan cheese ( I didn’t put this in because I forgot it until I was typing this recipe and I don’t eat cheese anyway)



When cooked, drain and return to the pan

Add the remaining ingredients and stir until heated through.

Make sure there is enough left over for lunch tomorrow.

Completed meal for leftover chicken



I have to laugh when I look at this plate, over 30 years ago Coles in Kalgoorlie had a bonus system when you spent so much money you got stickers, when you got enough stickers to fill up the sheet you could get a plate for $2 or 50 cents, I can’t remember, everybody collected them for me and we ended up with a crockery set for 4 people, the plates were a good quality back then and we still have 3 left, the picture above is one of these plates, and Grumpy gives me a hard time every time we use them because we have 2 very nice dinner services that we use for guests only. He keeps threatening to chuck them out but I am not going to ruin a good set by having one broken, so we will continue to use them until we move.



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