Everyone loves a bargain

New Cove dress for 9th


I wore this New Cove dress on Friday 9th, I got this one at Paddy’s Markets in Sydney earlier this year. It was a bargain.

I was quite surprised walking around the markets and found a couple of dresses that I own hanging from a hook above the other clothing, so of course I had to stop and have a look.

I spoke to the lady who was running the stall about this brand saying that I love it and she told me that she is able to get these dresses cheaply because she bypasses the Australian wholesalers and buys them direct from China.

What a bonus, unfortunately she only had a couple of dresses that I liked and didn’t already have so I only bought 1 and a lovely scarf with all of the silver hanging bits on it.

It was quite warm on Friday 31° and this dress was ideal, the hem of the dress has elastic part way round and the sleeves are a light mesh fabric, so fantastic for the warmer weather.




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