Qior dress for day off for the 7th

Qior dress for the 7th


As with most of my clothing, this dress has lots of embellishments. It has buttons and strips and stitching.

I can only think I bought this dress from the little boutique in Sydney in Darling Harbour, because none of the other shops that I go to have this brand. I love a bargain and this brand is certainly a bargain.

Even my friend Shelly comment on the embellishments, she said that everything I wear has lots of different fabrics and that it is lovely. The only problem with this dress is that I was down on my hands and knees scrubbing the grout surrounding the tiles in our kitchen and there is a piece of tape hanging from a button on the side and it kept falling into the scrubbing liquid.

When I like a dress or tunic and they don’t have my size, I get a little bit despondent and will buy a bigger size if that’s all there is. This dress is size L and is a little big on me, but hey I like it



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