Miracle cleaning spray – All natural – WOW IT REALLY WORKS

First spray and wipe over


I have read a lot about this miracle spray before, on different blogs and on the ForumThermomix. I had another look at it yesterday and though I would make some. The only thing that I thought I didn’t have in my pantry was Lectric soda, which in fact I did have  but the label on my container said washing soda. Same thing.



The recipe can be found on the following website http://www.debtfreecashedupandlaughing.com.au/2012/05/miracle-spray.html?m=1


I made up the spray and decided to scrub the grout on the tiles in the kitchen as we have a galley kitchen, and the gap between the 2 benches gets a lot of wear and tear, spillage and just plain mess.

The grout to the remainder of the home is still in the pristine state it was when the house was built over 11 years ago.

I only scrubbed 4 tiles and grout to begin with as I wasn’t going to waste my time scrubbing if it wasn’t going to make a difference, life being too short and all.

I was amazed at the difference, so I scrubbed another 4 tiles, the change is not really obvious until the grout dries. My friend Shelly came over and I asked her to look at the grout and let me know if she noted a great difference. She was gobsmacked just as I was.

I then decided to clean the underside of the BBQ lid, the picture above is 1 spray of the miracle spray and 1 wipe over with a Sabco microfibre cloth http://www.sabco.com.au/index.php/products/surface-cleaning/cloths.

the next photo is after the second spray and another wipe, the fine spots that were still visible on the top photo have been removed.

2nd spray and wipe over


EVEN GRUMPY WAS IMPRESSED, especially when I told him that I didn’t make it in the Thermomix.





Miracle Spray
1.5 litre water (1 cup boiled)
300ml vinegar
60ml dishwashing liquid
25ml eucalyptus
3 dessertspoons “Lectric” soda (washing soda)

Mix washing soda with about 1 cup boiling water to dissolve, add remaining  ingredients, pour into a 2 litre bottle (I use the vinegar ones). That’s it folks!!!



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