Idiots out on the water – for the blessing of the fleet

I have been busy preparing the Shopping list for Blessing of the Fleet as we have visitors coming for the day.

It will be quite exciting, we have 4 couples coming and we are just hoping the wind won’t be too bad.

We have decided that we won’t participate in the actual blessing because there will be varying winds during the day and we are sure to get the usual idiots out on their boats for the day. The problem with a larger boats is that you don’t have the control that the little boats do in a restricted area.

The last few blessings – not last year as it was cancelled, we have dropped a pick (an anchor) and sat and watched the idiots go round and round, their is no coordination just a mish mash of boats.

A lot of Mandurah boaties get involved with this ritual and generally if the weather is fine, the larger boats raft up in the Estuary and the people are able to walk from boat to boat.

Non boaties get involved as well, the navy cadets and scottish pipe band, the Mayor, and other dignitaries all take part in the procession on the land. Generally our club (MOFSC) organise a Lead boat, which is one of the larger boats to lead the procession LOL!! and they also organise a VIP boat that takes the VIPs around for the blessing and then they are taken back to the club for the blessing luncheon and open day.

We hope to see at least a couple of the fishing or cray fishing boats take part this year, however the reality is that all of the new regulations that have been put into place has reduced the number of operational boats now.
Braandi will be on the boat with us, I can just imagine the hullaballo if we left her behind, she loves the boat.


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