New curtain for rear of flybridge

New curtain for rear of flybridge

Today as the wind was up and the weather was not conducive to boating weather, we had to stay at home, we decided that when we move into our new home, we will have to house our boat at a marina in or near Fremantle and when we did we would have to work on a new curtain for the rear of the flybridge.

I made the old curtain a few years ago from white polar fleece, which in itself served the purpose it was made for, but was not exactly pretty to look at. We decided that as we weren’t able to use the boat we might as well work on getting the new curtain sorted.

The afternoon sun comes into the clears at the back and creates a lot of heat and the possibility of fading so as soon as we got the boat we made the rear curtain. We also have a front curtain to stop the morning sun.

I was clearing out the linen cupboard on my day off and found a bundle of curtain fabric that we purchased years ago for one of the other boats and we were going to measure it to see if it would fit. Before we got to the measuring stage, Grumpy said it need to have the same tape as on the front curtain (he meant the tape for pleating the curtains and putting the hooks on. I thought I might have some in my sewing cupboards but I didn’t, I looked on the internet and Spotlight didn’t open until 11am, what a pain, when we want to do something, we want to do it now.

While I was looking on the internet I said to Grumpy what about these curtains that are in our lounge room, we don’t use them very much, they are only there to stop the afternoon sun from shining on the TV. He agreed good idea. So we pulled them down, I unpicked the seams, joined them together. He punched the holes and put eyelets in it, hung it up, drew the hem and I cut it and sewed the hem and now we have a fully lined curtain for the flybridge that will stay up when we aren’t using the boat and when we are on a mooring or on anchor to keep out the heat and protect the timber and furniture.



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