Boo Radley – Something other than black for a change

Boo Radley – something other than black for a change


I wasn’t going shopping on Saturday so I was having a home day and wanted to wear something cheery comfortable as I was going to be doing sorting of my clothes and sewing room as the weather was looking awfully glum I decided on this Boo Radley outfit – something other than black for a change.

Even though I love wearing black clothes (I have a lot) I love the summer months because so much of my summer clothing is coloured with shoes to match.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a coordinated outfit.

Sometimes just a plain black (or block colour) dress with a longer coloured costume jewellery necklace and shoes to match will make a lovely elegant outfit, without having to spend a fortune.

I have found that a lot of Australian clothing designers, whether their clothes are made in Australia or Chinaare using more and more embellishments on their clothing. You can have a dress or top all one colour and all that is on it is eg. a zip and some coloured buttons and the whole idea of the outfit has completely changes.

Costume Jewelry

Costume Jewelry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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