Sweet chilli, bacon and cheese pull apart.

I made a sweet chilli, bacon and cheese pull apart today, and did the dough in the Thermomix and have listed the recipe below. I used the same dough recipe that Grumpy used out of the bread maker  recipe book.

Rolled out dough with Sweet chilli

This is a shot of the rolled out dough, I forgot to take any photos until after I had rolled it out and put the sweet chilli sauce on and spread it out.

Rolled out dough with Sweet chilli with added bacon bits and cheese

I then spread bacon bits and grated cheese over the sweet chilli sauce.

Rolled up dough ready to make pull apart

I carefully rolled the dough and then placed it on the cutting board ready for slicing it up.

Slicing the rolled up dough

I used my normal kitchen knife which is a Victorinox knife that is kept sharp by Grumpy to slice the rolled up dough to put in the pan

Lay the slices in the tray

Ready to cook


On the cooling tray ready to eat

Sweet chilli bacon and cheese pull apart – THERMOMIX

Dough Ingredients
250ml Water
1 egg
2 tbspns margarine or butter
½ tspn salt
1 ½ tspn sugar
¾ tspn bread improver
520g plain or Bakers flour
2 ½ tspns yeast
Olive oil spray for Thermomat
Pull apart Ingredients
Sweet Chilli sauce
250g bacon bits (diced bacon with very little or not fat)
hand full of grated Tasty cheese
additional grated Tasty cheese for top
Dough Preparation
Add all of the ingredients to the TM bowl in the order given
Mix for 5 secs / speed 7 to combine ingredients
Set dial to closed lid position and knead for 2 minutes
Spray the whole Thermomat with the olive oil spray
Tip out of bowl and place in centre of Thermomat
Fold the Thermomat and let rise for approx 30 minutes or until doubled in size
Pre heat  the oven to 180°C
Spray a baking tray with Olive oil spray – I use a non stick pan
Roll out to make a large rectangle covering the Thermomat – very thin if possible
Spread very lightly across the dough sweet chilli sauce (I use a squeeze bottle and squeeze across in a chequered pattern)
Using a dessert spoon, smooth the sweet chilli sauce so that the dough is completely covered
Spread the bacon and cheese across the dough
Roll up the dough into a sausage as tight as possible, from the short end
Cut the sausage into thin rolls
Put cut slices into baking pan
All slices need to be squished if required into pan so that the pan is covered
Squeeze a little more sweet chilli sauce on the top of the dough mix
Add a little more grated to cheese to melt over the top
Place into a preheated oven and cook for approx 18 minutes
When cooked take out of oven
Let cool slightly and then take out and put on a cooling rack


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