Not good boating weather – hope it clears up for next weekend

The blessing of the fishing fleet in Caraquet ...

The blessing of the fishing fleet in Caraquet in 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today was extremely overcast and windy and not good boating weather. It doesn’t look like it will be clearing up before the weekend and if it doesn’t we won’t be going boating.


Taking the boat out in this weather is not an issue for us as we experienced boaties, it’s getting it back in our pen that can be an issue. Our canal is in a cul-de-sac and we don’t get much boat traffic or wind. Quite often when it is blowing a gale out in the ocean, it is like a mill pond in our canal.


The problem that we have with bringing the boat back in when there is a north westerly wind, is that the wind is blowing the opposite way to our pen and the tide is generally flowing the opposite direction.


We are hoping that the weather improves dramatically as the Blessing of the Fleet is on next weekend and after the Blessing is open day at the club MOFSC (Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club).


The blessing of the fleet is normally a ritual that is carried out in where there are fishingand cray fishing (lobster) boats kept. The fishing boats are dressed up – like fancy dress a


nd then make a procession past the Priest who is on the jetty blessing the boats. It is a religious ceremony, however most people us included make the most of the day by inviting guests and having a wonderful day on the boat either anchored in the estuary or tied up at the club.


We have had our boat blessed a few times and it is still floating so their must be something to it.


What has been very disappointing, however, is for the last few years there have been NO fishing boats, and this ritual/ceremony is for them.


Last year the club decided to have open day on the same day as the blessing so that they might get more visitors and potential new members, the weather was so bad that at the last minute 8.30am (the procession starts at 9.45am) the blessing and open day was cancelled. Our visitors piked out and we were on our own on  our boat. A lot of late starters came over to the club and tied up about 9.30 waiting to find out what was going to happen, when the final decision was made CANCELLED. At 10.00 we all decided to stay tied up at the club and eat food and drink on all of the boats and share our food between the group of boats.


By 10.30 the weather had improved dramatically and was only just sprinkling for the rest of the day.


It was probably one of the best days that we have had on our boat not out on the ocean.






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