My little herb garden

The lawns at Wisley's RHS Gardens.

The lawns at Wisley’s RHS Gardens. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Little herb garden








We don’t have a garden in our yard, we prefer to spend our leisure time on the boat and not having to worry about gardens, watering and weeding.

We used to have a rather large potted garden of herbs, with chillies and tomatoes, just about everything, but after a while it was neglected and Grumpy decided to clean the area out and we ended up chucking it all out about 7 years ago.

Bunnings Warehouse

When I was looking for a “little herb garden”, I went into Bunnings the day of the boat show when it was pouring with rain, the only car park I could get was the one so far from the entrance that it should have been across the road. I asked the lady in charge of the garden area if they had what I wanted and was told NO.

I went out to the seedlings in the pouring rain, collected the seedlings, found the pots and then realised I needed potting mix. I asked the same lady which sort of potting mix should I get, she pointed out the bags to get, I walked over, looked at these horrendously huge bags – 20kg – there was no way I could pick up one of those let alone 3. They were all torn so I didn’t get the bags she suggested.

Got 3 smaller bags of potting mix, through them on the trolley in the pouring rain, getting angrier by the minute, you couldn’t move as everyone was standing in the doorway because of the rain.

I pushed past and went into the closest aisle to stand and wait, by this time I had been there for over an hour. While I was standing in the aisle waiting to be able to move, what did I find but a little kit with 3 little pots with seeds for Parsley, Basil and Coriander, just what I was looking for. Had I not been so angry I probably wouldn’t have done what I did, I left the trolley where it was, paid for my seedling kit and ran to the car.

I had to get some dirt to mix with the vermiculite from out on the verge as the only dirt we have in our yard is sand and that wouldn’t have had any nutrients.

In our last house and all of our previous houses we had manicured lawnsand gardens, when we built this house we decided to pave the entire yard with the exception of a large dirt patch out the back for the dogs (we had 2 dogs 10 years ago when we moved in, unfortunately they have since passed several years ago). We would spend a lot of time weeding the gardens and Grumpy used to mow the lawns a

nd it used to take nearly a day, by the time he mowed the lawn and edged it.

The water bill used to be quite high as well. Now our water bill is so low it’s great.

In our new house, there will be no garden but instead of a dirt patch, we will have an area that has pebbles for the little girl to do her business. One of our friends suggested artificial lawn, but that smells after a while.









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