Complain and I will tip it over your head

Complain and I tip it over your head




Grumpy was warned “Complain and I tip it over your head.”


I made Chicken Chasseur a few weeks ago on a cook up on my day off from work, vacuum sealed it and froze it for dinner for another night.


I took the plastic bag out of  the freezer this morning and left it in the fridge to defrost during the day.


When we got home Grumpy asked what were we having for tea, I told him chicken chasseur and he asked what are we having with it, Rice or mash and vegies, I said it was up to him.


He chose rice. Much to his chagrin I cooked the rice in the Thermomix. He asked was I going to get rid of the rice cooker and I said yes.

I was absolutely gobsmacked, he ate the whole lot and didn’t complain, so it can’t have been that bad,  I enjoyed it and even saved some for lunch tomorrow.


The whole meal was cooked in the Thermomix.

I am going to make fruity berry dream for dessert,

Frozen berries, sugar and 1 egg white blended to make a berry dessert like ice cream



Grumpy (Photo credit: Tony in WA)



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