Grumpy likes to prove me wrong

Grumpy likes to prove me wrong. I cooked a spaghetti bog last week on my cook up and we had it for tea one night and I had it for lunch yesterday.

I brought the unwashed container home to wash, placed it in the kitchen sink with hot water and dish washing liquid to soak until I did the dishes for the evening meal.

Grumpy washed the dishes – he likes to wash them so that I can’t complain that I do everything, decided that it wasn’t clean, I said that it was, he said he will soak it until tomorrow morning,  because I will accept something that is not cleaned to be cleaned properly.

This morning he pulled out the Gumption h and scrubbed like buggery. It didn’t come clean did it.

I said to him that he doesn’t like to be wrong does he, he replied I don’t like you being right and this was said with a cheesy grin

Nederlands: afwasmiddel Nederlands: afwasmidde...

Nederlands: afwasmiddel Nederlands: afwasmiddel Dansk: Opvaskemiddel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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