Lilia dress embossed with black rosettes

Pearl necklace made from freshwater pearls.

Pearl necklace made from freshwater pearls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lilia dress embossed with black rosettes

This is a Lilia dress embossed with black rosettes, the silver fabric is also embossed over gathers. I am sure I bought this dress from La Dee Da and would be very surprised if I paid more than $39.

I don’t wear the necklace on the dummy everyday, I am too lazy to change it for each outfit. I sometimes where my beautiful pearl necklace the Grumpy bought for me for our 30th wedding anniversary . We bought the pearls in Sydney during a visit to the Sydney boat show WHAT A SURPRISE – we only go to places that have a boat show!!! I got them 9 months before the anniversary because the boat show is in August and our anniversary is in April. I was not waiting until next year.

Grumpy was NOT impressed.

The weekend after we got back from Sydney we were invited to go to the Peel Thunder auction, SILLY MOVE ON HIS PART. When one drinks alcohol, they should pay attention to what their wife is doing at an auction that has jewellery as one of the items.

A Linneys pearl with a diamond on a gold and platinum textured base plate was next to be auctioned and as he wasn’t concentrating, I used his number for the bids and I won. Whoops!!! Needless to say when our anniversary did come around I did NOT get a gift. He did remember however enough to tell me I was not getting anything else.

The necklace on the dummy is beautiful, and surprisingly lightweight.

I bought it from a little boutique called Carries on the foreshore in Mandurah. It was about $45, which is probably more than most junk jewellery, but I just thought it was lovely and I do wear it more than most and I can wear it with my pearl earrings and the look just about the same.

For going to work, I tend to wear the same shoes all the time, even though I have tonnes of them, I am too lazy at 4.30am to wear fancy shoes. I tend to wear my slippers in the car (we have an hour drive) and then when I get to work change into my shoes.


Grumpy (Photo credit: Tony in WA)



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