Vivid top for dinner out at Indian restaurant in Mindarie

Philosophy outfit for dinner

The group of boaties that we met up with at Mindarie decided to go to the Indian restaurant for tea on Saturday night, unfortunately for me as I don’t like curries and most Indian food.

After going to the restaurant, the next morning we decided that if we were to do the trip again we would have BBQ on the back of the boats as it would be much more social.

There were 20 people in our booking and the restaurant gave us 2 tables back to back and in a group that is not very social.

I don’t like Indian food at all, and I found if very difficult to find something on the menu, as they were doing a fixed menu for the rest of the group I had to order something for myself. I found lamb chops on the menu, I thought you can’t stuff up lamb chops. WELL I WAS WRONG. They were awful, dry and very over cooked.

I did enjoy the drink however, Kahlua and milk

It’s a bit hard to see, but my dress is BRIGHT orange and so are the shoes, they have lots of sparkly diamantes.

I LOVE sparkly things. They are very comfortable

The top is Vivid I LOVE this range of clothing as it is inexpensive and available at a couple of shops in Mandurah, Kings Park Fashion on Pinjarra Road and La Dee Da in the Smart Street Mall (La Dee Da) is my favourite store for this brand, and they carry a great range of ladies clothing at affordable prices. Which means I can buy so much more!!!!!



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