Our Survey arrived today

Our Survey arrived today so we can now submit our design to planning.

The regulations for a planning and now the new regulations for a building license application is that the Owner MUST sign each application. This can be a real pain in the butt.

Before 1st April 2012, when the new pathetic supposed time saving regulations came into play, the Builder (or an officer on behalf of the Builder) could sign the building application prior to submitting it.

As the lot is a small lot, we have to have a least 1 parapet wall (online boundary wall) this means that the wall takes the place of the fence if there is one as it is on the boundary. With the new pathetic and problematic regulations we now have to obtain the neighbour permission to build on the boundary as it may affect the neighbouring land.

At this stage it is probably unlikely that we will be able to have a slab down before the industry Christmas close down.

The reason for the end of year close down, is staff need to have annual leave and some contractors need to carry out maintenance on their machinery and this is the best time to carry out this work.

Solar Passive designed homes – from http://www.yourhome.gov.au/technical

 4.8 insulation installation

This fact sheet explains where and how to install insulation, providing detailed examples of a range of insulation solutions for various construction types.

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