Apparently I have a disease – It’s called shopping

Quor RED tunic


Apparently I have a disease – It’s called shopping.

Clothing is a shit load cheaper than boating let me tell you.

It is a little hard to tell but this dress is fire engine red, the brand is Quor.

I wore it today while staying at home and doing a bit of cleaning a little cooking and lots of stuff on the computer.

I bought it when we went to Sydney last year to go to the boat show.

The Sydney boat show is held at Darling Harbour and I love going there as the show and the Harbourside  shops are only a short walk from the Hotel.

There are 2 little boutiques, I can’t remember their names, but they are owned by 2 older ladies who are sisters, they have an accent but I am terrible with them so not sure what country they come from but they are a delightful pair.

They actually own both shops in Harbourside one upstairs and one downstairs. The shop downstairs sells clothing but the shop upstairs sells both clothing and lingerie, they specialise is bras and underpants (designer) for the bigger bust. Their pricing is very affordable especially compared to prices in Western Australia.

They carry a lot of the brands of clothing that I like and at better prices than over here, which is very interesting given that their stores are in a very expensive area of Sydney and they have been there for over 14 years.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour (Photo credit: Christopher Chan)





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