Another Threadz dress for work Monday

Threadz dress with zips and red shoes

Threadz dress with zips and red shoes

Another Threadz again today.

I always lay my wardrobe for the week out on Sunday, but this week I ran out of time, when we got home from our boat trip to Mindarie, it was early afternoon.

I had to bath the little girl while Grumpy washed down the boat, yes I have bathed her more than once, I have done it 4 times, Grumpy is very quick to tell everyone that he is always the one to bath her and she is MY dog. Just another thing for him to whinge about.

I was also fiddling wi


Grumpy (Photo credit: Tony in WA)

th this blog as it was playing silly buggers and some components were not working so I went to bed without doing the weeks outfit, I just chose a dress for the next day.

It is a bit hard to see but the colour on the shoulder and on the hip and stitching on the hem and other stitching is red.

The shoes I wore are a pair I bought in Sanctuary Cove in Queensland when we went to a boat show a few years ago.

They are just beautiful and were not overly expensive.

The red is suede and the black is of all things neoprene, so they just slip on very easily.


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