Who says dogs don’t understand

Who says dogs don’t understand what we say, I for one don’t believe it.

Before Grumpy said I was allowed to have a dog, I did a lot of research into breeds of dogs, temperaments, health issues, breeding, toilet training and anything else I could research in relation to dogs.

I was an avid foxtel watcher and loved to watch Cesar Millan the dog whisperer http://www.cesarsway.com/channel/dog-whisperer-tv.

I decided to look for a cavoodle, as a designer breed of dog it ticked all of boxes.

I wanted a girl dog, purely for the mess, as the puppy would be coming on the boat with us, I didn’t want a dog that would cock it’s leg and piddle everywhere. A female dog will squat and at least the piddle would be contained in a smaller area.

The biggest concern for me was toilet training the puppy, so before I got her, I researched toilet training.

The best method according to most breeders was crate training, I did think it was cruel before I got her.

Once I got her and we were doing the crate training thing I was not worried about it as the crate we had her in was a canvas folding crate and I carried it everywhere.

When you crate train a puppy, you keep the puppy in the crate all time, she comes out to eat, do business and play and have lots of cuddles, she sleeps in the crate.

The reasoning behind it is that puppies will not naturally mess in their cave, or in her case her crate.

I also learnt the hard way that puppies will not wee and poo in the same place, so puppy pee mats can be quite expensive as you will sometimes need 2 at a time.

I did more research and a lot of new puppy owners had the same problem.

I did even more research and found washable puppy pee mats and bought 3 from an Australian company Conni Critter pads http://www.conni.com.au/shop/Conni+Critters+Pet+Pads+-+washable+waterproof+absorbent.html.

These pads are invaluable, we use them at home for the rainy weather (the fussy cow does not like walking on the wet sand out the back), and we use them on the boat.

They just need a rinse out and chuck them in the washing machine.

Our lounge room is a room with doors and in generally while she was growing up, we would have the door closed.

If Braandi needed to go to the toilet she would come and ask, she mouths at us like a silent bark.

She mouthed at me tonight, I opened the door and let her outside, she obviously heard something because she started barking, I yelled at her to be quiet, and also yelled if you want your custard you will have to come back inside.

She was back inside in 2 seconds flat, she LOVES custard.

Braandi our sweetie




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