Laminate & tile selections for the new house

I am going to start making my selections for the laminates and tiles for the new house.

I have an idea of  the colour scheme that I want to use.

We use Crosby Tiles for our tile selections.

They have all of the tiles and displays on different ways of laying them, they also have the laminate samples for you to make the selections for the cabinet tops and doors.

I am having a separate shelf in my pantry to house my Thermomix, but I am not going to have a laminate top, it will just be white melamine shelving, so that at least is one less decision that I have to make.

In my current kitchen I have a 900mm oven and in the new house, but I have decided to have 2 x 600mm one on top of the other to make it look like a double oven as I do use the additional space when doing a big cookup.

The guys that we use at Harvey Norman Commercial are fabulous to deal with, I explained to our rep what I wanted was a double oven and he asked me what I wanted to use the ovens for, as unbeknown to me, generally the bottom oven is not a fully functional oven, I explained that I wanted additional cooking area eg, if I wanted to cook a large batch of profiteroles I need to be able to cook more than 2 trays at once.

He suggested that the best way to go is to install 2 of the same ovens one on to of the other, with the cabinetmaker installing a shelf unit above the bottom oven to house the top oven.

I have decided he is correct and that is what I am going to have.



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