Dogs do sulk

Dogs do sulk, I have photos to prove it.

We heard a noise and Braandi our cavoodle barked and barked and barked. She was told to GET ON YOUR MAT.

She did, and then she sulked.

She was told she could get off her mat, she didn’t, we were going to bed.  We asked her if she was coming, she stayed, we turned off the light and closed the door, and yet she stayed.

We left her there for half an hour before we decided that enough was enough we wanted to go to bed.

When we asked if she wanted her bedtime treat she decided that she would get out of her stroppy mood.

When she was a puppy, getting her into the car could sometimes be a drama as she would find something more exciting to do and take off.

We now give her a treat when she gets in the car, she is not allowed to eat it until after her seatbelt has been put on, we forgot to tell her she could eat her treat and we realised this halfway down the Kwinana freeway.

We told her she could eat her treat and in the photo you can see her answer, needless to say, we had an extra treat for the next day, she refused to eat it.

Sulky Braandi, would not eat her treat

Sulking Braandi



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