Life goal achieved – WE SAW THE WHALES

Humpback whales in North Pass between Lincoln ...

Humpback whales in North Pass between Lincoln Island and Shelter Island in the Lynn Canal north of Juneau, Alaska. This is a group of 15 whales that were bubble net fishing on 18 August 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We left Rockingham (Mangles) about 8am after pulling up at the Town jetty to let the little girl off to do her business and Greg to pop over to the shops for lunch stuff.


We chatted to some local residents while we were tied up and waited for the yachties to get sorted out.


We tonked up to Fremantle at about 8  1/2 knots and didn’t see a single dolphin.


The junior yachties were out, and there was a lot of activity on the water, I suppose with the first nice day for a while, many boaties decided to take advantage of the fantastic weather


Grumpy decided to travel to Mindarie on the outside of the reef and the other boats travelled on the inside of the reef.


After about ½ an hour, we heard one of the boats announce that there were whales near their boats.


They weren’t near us!!!


The banter over the radio was about the whales, how beautiful they were, how slowly they moved, and I was getting more and more upset as every call came over the radio.


I was upset with Grumpy because I had very clearly explained to him over many years that one of my life goals was to see whales in the wild.


I went downstairs to make the lunch, when he yelled out that I had to get up stairs real quick, I was not in a good mood so I thumped up the stairs and he’s telling me look straight ahead, they’re straight ahead.


Well I couldn’t see a bloody thing.


Then all of a sudden I saw them, they were probably about 100mtrs away but they were definitely there.


Grumpy slowed the boat down to idle and they came closer.


We didn’t want to frighten them so tried not to go to close, BUT THEY CAME TO US.


At one stage they came down the side of the boat and were only a few metres from the side of the boat, there were 2 babies and 1 adult.


The adult would have been 30’ or more and then they came up to the back of the boat.


In all of the excitement we tried to take photos, but by the time the camera sorted out the focus to take a photo, they were under the water again.


This was probably one of the best ½ hours of my boating experiences.


The little girl who loves the dolphins was so excited about the big dolphins (it was easier to call them that than whales) on the remainder of the trip and the whole trip back, she was looking for the big dolphins



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