A bugger of a day


Grumpy (Photo credit: Tony in WA)

You know it is going to be one of those days when you wake up 3/4 of an hour before you are ready to get up and you can’t go back to sleep and all you can think of what you have to do today.

It’s not so bad if you get up at 7am but if you get up at 4 it is a real bummer.

I sorted the washing, made the bed, had my shower, got dressed, went down for breakfast, helped with the dishes, sorted out my computer ready to take to work, cleaned my teeth, put my make up on, went down stairs and get in the car, put my seat belt on and then remembered I had to move my car because we were having our garage door sorted.

Where we my keys – in my bag – where was my bag – underneath all of the other bags (computer bag, lunch bag, bag with washed tea towels for the office) behind the car seat.

I did remember to put my shoes in the car, at least that was a positive thing.

We sorted the car and drive to work.

Grumpy comes and tells me our son has put petrol in his diesel car, what a tosser, and he is going to help him sort it out.

I go into the bathroom at work to touch up my make up and lo and behold, I have toothpaste spots on my dress. Bugger. You can’t wash it off, it needs to be put in the washing machine.

I had a reasonable morning after that until about 10am when our designer brought our house plan in to me so that I could approve the changes that were made.

Not her fault, mind you.

I thought I would start working on the colour scheme for the house and with the wind blowing my hay fever started and turned into a sinus headache and the colours that I wanted for the stone tops didn’t match the glass splash back that I wanted. It all just got too much and I said Bugger it.

My lunch got cold while I was on the phone.

While I was taking my lunch back to the micro wave to reheat it after being kicked out of Grumpy’s office (Don’t bring food in here, Is it my fault he is to lazy or stupid to have lunch) and what do I do, spill the whole bloody lot on the floor.

I will work on the colours tomorrow.

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