The design for our new house is FINISHED

Our design is finished, I have been told what I am allowed to have and what I am NOT going to get.

I have been told that I am not allowed to have my Thermomix on my bench as it is not a nice looking  appliance, so I went on the forumthermomix, and found a photo of an idea, putting it in the walk in pantry on a shelf, that way it is not on show.

As the lot we have purchased is only 271m² we will have to build a double storey house, as soon as we are happy with the design, we will submit the plan to the shire for planning approval.

Unfortunately as the design will be double storey it will have to go to planning, if the house was a single storey it would only have to go to shire for a building permit, unless that particular shire requires planning approval for single stories.

Strata lots will always have to go to planning and it doesn’t matter what shire it is, sometimes planning approval can take months, so this is just a waiting game.

Fortunately in some aspects, the Building Commission has put guidelines in place in regards to the building permit process to hopefully make the process quicker, we haven’t found that is the case as yet, but time will tell.

There are, unfortunately, no guidelines in relation to the planning process however, and as such there is no control over the time it takes at shire.

Solar Passive designed homes – from

4.5 passive solar Heating

Passive solar heating is about keeping the summer sun out and letting the winter sun in. It is the least expensive way to heat your home.

The fact sheet explains how the following key elements of passive solar heating are applied.

  • Northerly orientation of window areas.
  • Passive shading of glass.
  • Thermal mass for storing heat.
  • Minimising heat loss with insulation, draught sealing and advanced glazing.
  • Using floor plan zoning to get heating to where it is most needed and keeping it there.

Passive solar houses can look like any other home but they are more comfortable to live in and cost less to run.


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